Fabulous Fairytale Fun

goldilocks in a dilemma

Once upon a time there were two amazing classes who were on an incredible fairy-tale journey.  This past week or so Ahlbeg and Dahl classes have stopped off to meet particular characters on their way. They weren’t impressed with how Goldilocks behaved. In fact they were quite horrified that she went into the Bear’s cottage without knocking and, in their words, trashed the place.  To help her see the error of her ways both classes decided that a letter of apology needed to be sent to the Bears on her behalf. So, the children busied themselves creating letters as if they were Goldilocks. They also created WANTED posters after Goldilocks ran from the cottage and disappeared into the depths of the forest. Before continuing on their journey they sequenced some of the events within the story. They have been identifying the Bears’ reactions, when they returned to the cottage ,after their walk, in speech bubbles.

Back on the road





Hey Ho! Hey Ho! It’s back to work we go!